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DroidKnight said:
Bandorr said:

"seems like a desperate attempt" yeah I was just thinking those same words...

So if someone buys a PS2 game online. Never owning the disk. And years later they are able to still play that on the PS4. .. That isn't backwards compatible?

Yes "seems like a desperate attempt" is a very accurate description indeed..

So you bought a PS2 game digitally on your PS2 and it works on your PS4? Or did you buy a PS2 game on the PS4 digitally that was designed to work on it? It looks like you don't understand backwards compatibility.  A PS2 game purchased on the PS4 digitally was a PS4 game and should work on the PS5.  

It's the same with XBox BC, except you don't buy the game. You still need to download a version compiled for the One and Series. The disk only prompts a download. So by your definition XBox One and Series don't have BC at all, just free updates for lazy remasters ;p