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Bandorr said:
Shiken said:

Very simple, I would have to REBUY that game digitally to play it instead of just popping my disk in and playing.  You cannot put a PS2 game into your PS4 and play it, so it is not BC.

You are basically being forced to rebuy emulated ports of games you already have.  By your logic, one can say the Switch is BC with the Wii, GC, and N64 because Super Mario 3D Allstars is just a compilation of emulated ports that we have to rebuy.

So again, there is no BC on the PS4, and only PS4 BC on the PS5.  Backwards compatibility and digital ports you have to rebuy are not the same thing, and honestly seems like a desperate attempt at downplay to what MS is doing.

"seems like a desperate attempt" yeah I was just thinking those same words...

So if someone buys a PS2 game online. Never owning the disk. And years later they are able to still play that on the PS4. .. That isn't backwards compatible?

Yes "seems like a desperate attempt" is a very accurate description indeed..

In the case of that, I suppose it would be fair to say the PS5 has limited DIGITAL BC, while XSX has FULL BC for the games supported.  I do not buy many digital games, so for me the PS4 has zero BC.  At the end of the day, MS approach is objectively superior overall as it caters to a much larger number of consumers.

Last edited by Shiken - on 01 November 2020

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