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Bandorr said:
Replicant said:

Not complete BC though but I guess you are aware of that?

XSX has BC with:
All XB1 games (except Kinect games)
~25% of Xbox 360 games
41 original Xbox games

Still better than PS5 BC but far from complete.

Better is subjective. Someone crunched the numbers and the PS4 games alone out number XB, XB1, and XB360 combined.

That's before factoring in other games.  I think there are several PS2 games that are BC as well. And maybe even PS1? I'm not sure since I don't keep up with BC very well.

There are no PS2 BC games.  You can buy digital versions, but in no way can you put your PS2 disc into your PS5 and play the game.  You have to re buy it, and therefore is not BC.  With the XSX however, every BC game will allow you to play without rebuying if you have your old disc.  When it comes to actual BC, MS is destroying Sony in that department.

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