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Replicant said:
Shiken said:

One of my main reasons for going with the XSX over PS5 at the start of the gen is having BC with all three of MS other generations, among other things.

Not complete BC though but I guess you are aware of that?

XSX has BC with:
All XB1 games (except Kinect games)
~25% of Xbox 360 games
41 original Xbox games

Still better than PS5 BC but far from complete.

Unlike Sony however, MS is showing initiative to move forward with BC.  Overtime the available library will become closer to complete than a lot of people think.

With the PS5 however, what you see is what you get outside of potential streaming qith PSNow.  And that is a far cry from being able to run the games natively on the console, or use your old disc to claim ownership.

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