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JRPGfan said:
dark_gh0st_b0y said:

the most basic in Christianity is living like Jesus Christ lived, as close as you can at least since none of us will ever be perfect

so it wasn't Christianity really, but some evil men that took advantage of the church's influence to ensure they remain in control of everything by force

with Islam it's a very different story, Mohammed being the highest human in the faith was a warlord

"Muhammad attacked other groups as well. In 629, Muslims attacked a Jewish settlement in the oasis of Khaybar in Northwestern Arabia. Shortly after the conquest of Mecca, Muhammad received Surah 9:29, which ordered Muslims to fight non-Muslims (including Christians and Jews) until they submit to Islam"

check the faith map in Africa and the Middle East, where Islam rules no other faith survives, but southern Africa for example is Christian mainly with many other smaller faiths

He also had multiple wives, and married a 12yo.
But apparently hes a holy man, who if you make a depiction of him (a drawing) other muslims will hunt you down and kill you for it.

*Terrorists, not Muslims. Also you don't understand why images of Muhammad aren't allowed. They aren't allowed because Muhammad shouldn't be worshipped like God is worshipped. Not like how Christians worship the image of Christ. So images of Muhammad were forbidden. And Muslims have to follow the example of Muhammad, which is why I don't really give a damn about the stupid drawings. It is obviously to anger Muslims but Muhammad taught us to be tolerant against hate and not to retaliate. Plus it's just the drawing of a random arabic dude since Charlie Hebdo has no idea how Muhammad looked like. The intention was to mock so if you don't react, no one will care to do it again. I do understand why people would be angry though.

But I am angry against Macron because he is stoking flames and causing further hate to be directed towards muslims while he is also causing more Muslims to hate France and the west. He is an idiot.

Regarding multiple wives, there are rules to that and it's restricted to 4 for Muslims but only if you can treat them all fairly so the default is still 1 marriage and it's more or less encouraged. Regarding the age of one of his wives, people of that region at that time reached puberty early and were married off early. Age difference wasn't emphasized as much in the Arab society. His first wife was like 15 years older than him.  This is why the critique of the age of the wives is a modern thing and you can't find such critique from Islam sceptics even a few centuries back. People of the past had no concept of teenage years. It was just kid to adult and children as young as 12 went to war and some even ruled empires. 

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also