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Eagle367 said:
The actual problem is that Macron called Islam "a religion in crisis" and he wanted to "reform" Islam. Who is he to tell all the Muslims what their religion is and that he is capable enough to "reform" out religion. He is an idiot. All Muslims would have backed him if he just talked against the terrorists but no, he chose to attack the religion and blame it, not the terrorists. The only Muslims he made happy are the terrorists who can use his statements for their brainwashing and propaganda. Also the attack in Nice has been confirmed to be done by far right extremists, not Muslim extremists so make a correction to the thread mate.

Freedom of speach should be a basic human right.

If muslims cannot except that your allowed to make fun of, or critize, anyone (even muhammed) they can use words, or argue about it.
You are not allowed to go around and behead people (because you dont like things they have said).

Islam needs a reform.
its liveing in a the past (like the world was still back in the 1400 centuray).

Condeming terrorist doesnt do anything.
Radiacal Muslims still keep doing terror attacks (and have been for like 100 of years).

If muslims cannot live in a free society, one with freedom of speach they are free to leave it tbh.
All these extreme muslims can just move right out of france of where ever, and go back to a society that suits them more.
Do they want to live under a preist ruled dictatorship? with Sharia laws? cool just move out of the EU.

Its tireing that theres attacks by muslims so often.
Bending over backways to suit them, when they moved to other countried and are trying to change the country they moved in..... isnt how things should be. A minority shouldnt be able to bully their way to change, by use of force/fear.