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Ka-pi96 said:
Eagle367 said:
The actual problem is that Macron called Islam "a religion in crisis" and he wanted to "reform" Islam. Who is he to tell all the Muslims what their religion is and that he is capable enough to "reform" out religion. He is an idiot. All Muslims would have backed him if he just talked against the terrorists but no, he chose to attack the religion and blame it, not the terrorists. The only Muslims he made happy are the terrorists who can use his statements for their brainwashing and propaganda. Also the attack in Nice has been confirmed to be done by far right extremists, not Muslim extremists so make a correction to the thread mate.

Well that changes things a bit.

Based solely on the things quoted in the OP, he never said anything wrong at all. And the people claiming it's attack on freedom of religion are either lying out of their asses or don't know what words mean.

If he's talking negatively about Islam as a whole though, I can get why people would be angry about that.

Although religion really should change. It needs to be less important and take a back seat for many many people. Believe whatever you want, but leave other people to live their life how they want, even if it's now how you believe you should live your life. And that's true of every religion, not just Islam.

Yup he attacked Islam as a whole the idiot did. And regarding your last statement, it's not religion but rather people that should change since they do these things even their own religions are against. There is no compulsion in religion according too islamic doctrine but some Muslims still try to force people to convert or mistreat people of other faith. I believe most religions are like that. So the people need to be tolerant. Everyone should be able to choose which religion or not they follow without prejudice.

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also