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LurkerJ said:
Eagle367 said:
The actual problem is that Macron called Islam "a religion in crisis" and he wanted to "reform" Islam. Who is he to tell all the Muslims what their religion is and that he is capable enough to "reform" out religion. He is an idiot. All Muslims would have backed him if he just talked against the terrorists but no, he chose to attack the religion and blame it, not the terrorists. The only Muslims he made happy are the terrorists who can use his statements for their brainwashing and propaganda. Also the attack in Nice has been confirmed to be done by far right extremists, not Muslim extremists so make a correction to the thread mate.

Oh, how dare he expresses his opinion. For anyone who can be brainwashed because of Macron's statements, well....  of all the reasons why these braindead farts are so susceptible to brainwashing, Macron's statement is the absolute least prominent.

You gotta ask what killed their ability to critically think in the first place, think religious upbringing had to do anything with it? yeah... 

Eagle367 said:
Terrorists sure love when people in the west do their propaganda for them. It's strange the French president and other people believe the terrorists when they say this is what Islam is instead of the billions of people saying the terrorists don't represent Islam.

Again, if those statements can be used on Moderate Muslims to turn them into extremists, then I gotta say, it looks like Islam is a religion in crisis indeed. 

Careful your hate and bias is showing. And the point is when the youth are mentally, financially, socially and physically in a bad place, they can be swayed by anything. Most Muslims, and by most I mean 99.99%, will not do these things. They aren't moderate Muslims, they are just Muslims. And most Muslims aren't affected. But statements like Macron's help the terrorists with those fragile ones. It's strange that you people agree with the terrorists and most Muslims don't side with that narrative. So you are literally telling 99.999% of Muslims what their religion should be and you and are alienating the sorts of Muslims you people would ideally want. Or do you have a problem with Muslims who don't think Islam is bloodshed and violence? It's so counterproductive in every sense. 

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also