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catofellow said:
Why don't third parties hate Gamepass? It seems like the subscribers to Gamepass will be dramatically less likely to buy individual games. The only way the price seems sustainable to me is if they keep it primarily Microsoft published games.
If the goal is to load game pass with a lot more third-party games over time, that would be a smaller slice of the revenue to Microsoft, and therefore I don't see how the price doesn't go up to compensate.
I certainly won't argue the value to ubscribers.

They have over 20 studios now, many with multiple teams. I think they could rely entirely on first party and smaller/older titles like they have been doing and be just fine. I mean imagine when studios like Playground, Bethesda, Initiative, Turn10, inXile, Ninja Theory, Coalition, Obsidian, id, Arkansas, and Machinehead get into full swing next gen. There will be a constant stream of content.

I agree it can mean a smaller slice of the pie for third party in some respects.