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vivster said:
Cerebralbore101 said:

I think you misunderstood me. Saying "It can't be that good!" =/= "It's a bad game." They know perfectly well it's a good game. They just deny it being an absolutely amazing groundbreaking game. That is until they finally get their hands on it. And I've always gotten a chuckle out of that.

 If you can afford to build a PC you can afford a console. Sure, lots of 3rd party series really should be platform agnostic. But let's face it. Many games will be stuck to a single platform for various reasons. You don't see console gamers whining that Warhammer II isn't on their platform of choice. I guarantee you that any console gamer that wants to play Warhammer (or other PC-Only games), will either build a PC or somehow live with the fact that they can't play a few games.

I haven't been a single platform gamer since I was 14 years old. For most serious gamers, sticking to and rooting for a single platform is something they grow out of once they get a larger income.

I can also afford a trip into the sewer, doesn't mean it will do me any good. A game can be as "groundbreaking" as it wants but if it's not accessible it might as well not exist. It's unreasonable to demand people jumping through hoops to have to enjoy something and then reprimand them for not trying.

Imagine the best game ever made running at 10 fps and 480p and you have to buy it for $500. Sure, some people will enjoy it and others will rightfully dismiss it. Then suddenly the game is changed and it now runs at 60fps 4k and is available for $30. The people who have previously dismissed it will now have the chance to play it and praise it. So what the fuck is wrong with that? What kind of elitist bullshit is it to then try to shit on those people for not trying it earlier?

And console fans not crying over ports? The fuck have you been? Nintendo fans constantly cry about games not ported to Switch. Sony fans cry already about the mere possibility of the next Elders Scrolls not coming to Playstation, while Xbox fans cry over non-inclusion of Spiderman in their shitty fighting game.

Your last sentence doesn't even make any sense. Preference isn't a money thing. In fact, the more money I invested into gaming the more I tied myself to PC because I was getting used to much higher fidelity and convenience that consoles just could not deliver. I bought a PS4 at launch, I bought a PS4 Pro at launch, I bought a Switch at launch. They have all been collecting dust since a month after I bought them. I recently sold my Switch and I would gladly give away my PS4 consoles because they are essentially useless to me. I won't buy the PS5 at launch because it doesn't deliver anything worth the price or the hassle.

Ok, now you can start again and tell me why I should be spending my time and money differently.

Yeah, yeah. I'm not going to bother with this. I've been over this sort of thing with people a thousand times on these forums. Tired of beating a dead horse.