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I knew of this game for a long while but it was so hard to get until recent years. I got it on Switch digitally and loved it. I recently got the physical for Switch from Nicalis. This really is one of the best in the genre and one of the best games I ever played. If you have not yet and are remotely interested in Shmups, try it.

Chrono Trigger

Was not able to play this until DS. The hype did not lie. I bought the CD ost after playing it. If this is not the best game Square ever made. It's in the top 3. Uniqe story telling. Innovative combat for the time. Stellar OST. Not very long at 10 hours. Hey, what do you know some of the talents from this game went to work on Xenoblade.


Yeah, I did not play this until just a few years ago. It's easily my fave in the Aleste series. Maybe the best soundtrack in the series. It's pre bullet hell. I'm a sucker for shmups you play as a mech. Just needs a re-release in an Aleste collection. Where my avatar is from.

Zone of the Enders 2

I did not have a PS2 during that gen. I had (and still do) a Dreamcast/Xbox and Gamecube. I got a PS2 many years later. I knew of ZOE. I even knew Zone of the Enders 1 started off in development as a Dreamcast game called Enders Zone. I will also admit I am not the biggest Kojima fan. I love Policenauts/Snatcher but not big on MGS aside from Rising. So I was a little weary of trying it as I wanted more gameplay than cutscenes. Picked up the HD collection on PS3 for $20 a few years ago. First game,eh it's ok I guess. Then I played 2. Holy shit! The music the action the animated cutscenes all stellar. The mech designs. The presentation. It was like playing if DMC was a mech game in some regards. It was everything I could have hoped for. Even now the game looks amazing visually.  I am also a sucker when anime music does a specific vocal singing in their themes. ZOE2. Ghost in the Shell 1995. 13 Sentinels and Nier. I bought the game again on PS4 even tho I had no need to. Now my signature is the ZOE logo.

I have more but this is just to get started.  Again these are games you played years after release that lived up to the hype the garnered when new.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!