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Captain_Yuri said:

It is quite impressive indeed! My only concern is the Lack of Ray Tracing information and obviously, no counterpart to DLSS yet.

Remember to wait for the reviews gents! Just like with Nvidia!

Congrats AMD for the achievement!

I heard a rumor that these cards do Raytraceing better than the 2080ti does.
Not as fast as the 3080 ect, but more than fast enough (to use it in games).

Also seems AMD has a huge edge in 1440p gameing (abit smaller in 4k).

Its crazy AMD is back at top-end again, its been so long (feels like AMD just let nvidia always be faster, and make bigger die cards).

The thing about no counterpart to DLSS yet, thats been said it'll launch sometime early 2021.

found this: (shows Raytraceing performance at bottom):
*3080 FE is about 22% faster (currently) than the 6800XT in raytraceing here (heavy loads, not representative of games).
However Nvidia has had cards out longer, and time to optimise drivers for this benchmark, over time I suspect that differnce will shrink.

Last edited by JRPGfan - on 28 October 2020