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OneTime said:
Hynad said:

It’s most likely not a marketing mistake. You mention this as if it is a certainty that the PS5’s VR solution already exists in a near final form factor. They probably have a clear vision of what they want the next headset to be, and probably don’t want it to be a simple incremental update. Motion controls are most likely going to be on a completely different level than what the first PSVR had, among other things we should expect to change. Developing those require time, and lots of trials and errors, and testing. 

The current set is compatible with the PS5 through an adapter Sony if giving at no extra charge to those owning the PSVR. So as long as that set is still supported, they can take the time required to come up with a product that won’t be half assed.

Until they have a working product that ups the experience enough to justify its price, there’s no reason to try to market it.

I didn't say anything about a new PS5 version of PSVR - I am talking about people who already own the PS4 headset.  So - where are the upcoming PS5 VR titles for people who want to upgrade?  

If there is one thing that Xbox does not have, it's an existing library of VR games and users who already own VR headsets.  I'd be marketing the hell out of this, personally...  "You want the option to do VR in the future?  Best get a PS5 then".

Every single PS5 units will be sold the moment they’re in stock for the foreseeable few months. So it really isn’t as if Sony needs to push its VR strategy right away to sell well in the short term. As for the marketing for VR, the first batch of PS5 is sold out, the second wave will be sold out most likely in minutes as well, yet they’ve barely started their marketing campaign. There are barely any ads about it on TV, and most of what is seen online isn’t advertising the console features much.

All of this will come in due time. I don’t see why you would “worry” about any of it.


Last edited by Hynad - on 27 October 2020