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Metallox said:
The_Liquid_Laser said:

How can Sony expand its base with PS5?  It can't.

They've already designed the system including price point.  They are basically locked in to the PS4's strategy without realizing that the gaming landscape has changed a lot.  PS4 launched against the Wii U and XB1, two turd consoles.  PS5 is launching against Switch and a Microsoft that is buying lots of studios and says it isn't done yet.  PS5 is in serious trouble.  The gaming landscape has totally changed, but Sony is treating PS5 like it's in the same situation as PS4.

There is a decent change the PS5 will get totally wrecked.  The best Sony can do with PS5 is contain the wreckage.  They won't get a chance to expand their base until maybe the PS6, assuming it has a design that has properly responded to the new gaming landscape.

What is getting totally screwed for you? 

Taking losses similar to PS3 years (or worse).  Not saying that it definitely will happen, but Sony is at risk of it happening if they don't adjust soon enough.