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TomaTito said:
chakkra said:

lol Because they succeeded, of course. I mean, I haven't really played it and I guess there's a chance that I might like it.. but damn that thing doesn't look fun at all!

What is shit for some is gold for others. 1-2-Switch is worth 50eur to some people, just like Astro's Playroom would be too.

I think the game was initially planned to be pre-installed in the Switch, but they changed their minds later on.

EDIT: Just finished watching the preview video: the game looks pretty good and I suppose it will feel even better.
Enjoy the new experiences with haptic rumble!

They shouldn't have changed the strategy them, but well they made a lot more money this way.

Hiku said:
Otter said:
If its received well, I hope we get a full fledged sequel which doesn't require VR

This one doesn't require VR, does it?

Saw this video now. The zipper thing being felt on the touch pad sounds pretty neat.

No need to use VR, but don't think you'll get any benefit from using one though.

JWeinCom said:

Seems like a fun little platformer... I find games that shamelessly shill a company (i.e. Nintendo Land, Cool Spot) strangely charming.

Edit: Just out of curiosity why quotes around preview?

Well the original person didn't call a preview and he only played one level, so I preferred to put it between quotes.

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