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Otter said:
DonFerrari said:

The game seems very simple and short, but with good design and colors giving it a nice presentation and good family play.

apparently its 5 hours. Gameplay is looking very sweet, maybe the most polished looking 3D platformer since Odyssey

And it gets what a lot of games fail to do, which is interactivity. Everyrthing you touch in the world responds to you in fun ways

Yes I noticed the guy basically interacted with a lot of things and it did have collision boxes and reactions (instead of just ghosting through or being solid barriers). Yep I also heard 5h to finish, about 4 stages with each going from 30min or more (perhaps 5h is because you need several plays or heavy exploration to pick all and plat).

Leynos said:
How much space does it take to delete?

I don't know (not even if we will be able to delete), but from the duration and simplicity of the visuals I would guess under 10Gb.

chakkra said:

I'm not a fan of platformers but there's something charming about this game that makes me want to try it.

I guess the simplicity and aesthetic may be the reason for the charm. I'm also not the most platformer guy (I like platforming sections on games, but as a genre it isn't one I play as much as I did in the past) and being free I'm certainly interested.

chakkra said:
Bandorr said:
I think one of the smartest things they did was include a game that used those features.
STILL shocked the switch tried to sell that gimmick POS game for $50.

"tried"??? That... game has outsold many other games that are considered "masterpieces" on the Switch. 

the quotes on tried is because they succeeded or because you think the game is good?

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