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Leynos said:

Dunno if this count but in Dragon's Dogma it has an optional area that has the tone of Dark Souls. It has a unique mechanic as the more enemies you kill the more the stench of death is in the air. The game does not tell you this AT ALL. Kill enough and you risk the chance of the Grim Reaper just showing up. He's massive, has a great texture on the robe of blowing in the wind. He's near impossible to kill. So your best shot is to run like hell.

His existence is the reason I haven't played much of the expansion. I went into it expecting the same as ever, killed a few things then it showed up. It ate my pawns. I died not knowing what the hell was going on, then respawned back at the start... without my pawns. Tried once more but died soon after then never played again.

Hmm, pie.