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I don't get that "it's october already and all we know is..." when we literally know so much about next year already compared to previous years. 2021 will easily be the best year yet for the Switch idc.

-Starts off the year with a 3D Mario title. It's a port with what looks like a significant add on.
-Monster Hunter Rise in March
-New Pokemon Snap def coming out around Spring
-Bravely Default II
-SMT III remake
-SMT V (although i do think this one won't make the cut)
-NMH 3 has to come out next year also
-MH stories

Now for stuff that aren't really set in stones but have a pretty high chance to be there :

-Switch revision
-Bayonetta 3
-Botw 2
-Zelda anniversary (SS HD probably)
-Metroid Anniversary (MPTrilogy ?)
-Something new from the Mario team since i don't think Bowser's fury took them 4 years
-Probably a new mainline Pokemon game from Gamefreak. Expecting Gen 4 remake for the Pokemon Anniversary

They should expand on Ring fit adventure and Mario Party as well. We will get new Smash DLC and AC updates. N64 or Gameboy emulator to NSO
I'm not expecting all of them to be present next year, probably not like the mainline Mario game and like SMTV. But the rest chances are they should be there cause that's just how it's going to be idk what to tell you otherwise. Zelda won't take over 4 and a half year for a sequel and miss the anniversary. Gamefreak won't miss the anniversary and skip 2 years without a new game. Bayonneta 3 should be ready for next year. MP trilogy just makes too much sense with anniversary and since MP4 should be coming in 2022/2023. I think it's mainly cause some titles skipped 2020 that 2021 will be big. But it will be big.