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Wman1996 said:
xPhenom08x said:
What exactly are our expectations?

In general I've seen people on Twitter and on VGChartz telling us to just be patient. That they understand Switch's 2020 could've been a little better in terms of software and transparency from Nintendo. 

All I'm saying is don't expect Super Mario Odyssey 2, Mario Kart 9, Breath of the Wild 2, a new IP, and Pokemon Gen IV remakes all in the same year. We'll be lucky to get 2-3 of those, not all 5.

Metroid Prime 4 is not happening in 2021. Development restarted in 2019. It will release in 2022-2023. Bayonetta 3 might not even be a 2021 release considering we know virtually nothing about it.

Excluding remakes and ports, we've only gotten 5 first-party titles in 2020 (Hyrule Warriors counts as one of those 5, but it's not out yet). That would be a fine amount for Sony and Microsoft. But this is Nintendo. They are very dependent on first-party games to make the console enjoyable.

All I'm saying is that we shouldn't expect more than 6-7 non remake/port first-party titles in 2021. Nintendo has still not reaped most of the software schedule and release benefits of having a unified platform.

No one expected that, being told to be patient doesn't mean you can just pull nonsense out of thin air. This is nothing more than a thinly disguised Nintendo whining thread. It has all the cliches. Ports/remakes don't count, third party releases don't count, and why don't we know anything beyond (insert latest known dated release). News flash! You aren't exactly an authority on what it takes to be a good or bad year. 

What I dont understand from people like you that post this drivel is why exactly do you all think Ninty shouldn't take into account of their ports, remakes, and third party releases? Like why would Ninty release Pokemon Snap for example in March knowing momentum from Monster Hunter will keep Switch afloat? Do you not understand that ports make money and sell consoles just like new releases, not every release is going to sell gangbusters rather port or new. Ninty doesn't just sell games,, they sell consoles as well, so strategic scheduling makes sense right? Ninty also doesn't have an infinite amount of resources and ip, so just releasing blockbuster after blockbuster would destroy another year which then destroys momentum. 

Your expectations of Ninty don't mean a thing, they are in route to posting one of the highest years in history(higher than Sony or Micro have ever been) so believe me they don't need your advice. People are hyped for next year because of all the realistic possibilities, not Mario Kart 9, Super Mario Odyssey 2, Botw2, and Pokemon Gen 4 remake. We only know of one of those games lol. People are hyped for things we already know of including third parties lol. SM3DW +BF, MW Rise, MH Stories 2, Bayo 3, BoTW 2, Poke Snap, NMH3, BD 2, and SMT V. Those are just the games we know are coming or being worked and probably close to release. I could name more possibilities and no I don't expect to get all of that but all the possibilities make for an exciting year.