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Angelus said:
Cerebralbore101 said:
None of them. Every franchise listed is either long dormant, or over the hill. By over the hill, I mean the best games of these franchises are behind them. Subsequent games in these respective series will either stay the same quality or get worse over time. I expect Forza to stay about the same quality, and the rest of the series to more or less get worse as time goes by. Halo 1-3 and Reach beat Halo 5. Gears 2-3 beat Gears 4-5. Elder Scrolls isn't exclusive, and has been dormant for 9 years. Fallout jumped the shark with 76. Banjo Kazooie hasn't got a mainline collectathon platformer since the N64. Killer Instinct and Fable have both been long dormant.

If MS can successfully resurrect Fable, KI, or Banjo I'll change my tune. By successfully resurrect I mean make a great new game out of these series, not make a game that goes on to score 77 or 63 with critics. I have hope that they will do just that next gen.

Nice of you to acknowledge that Forza will continue to be the highest quality racing franchise in the world for years to come.

Needs a lot of work to match Daytona USA in being the best.

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!