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Mr Puggsly said:
Signalstar said:
I think people are deluding themselves. Microsoft did not spend $7.5 billion just so they could publish Bethesda games on PlayStation. I expect any game Sony did not make a timed exclusive arrangement with Bethesda for will not appear on PS. It's a major investment in their first party developing and publishing capabilities.

I am skeptical about MS excluding Playstation for a few reasons.

First, there is so much money being left on the table by skipping Playstation when they already have many studios working on exclusives. Second, they already get benefits by owning Zenimax such as launching $60-70 games on Gamepass, exclusive marketing, bundles and perhaps even timed exclusivity or content. Last, Zenimax will still be its own publisher it seems.

If MS had less studios and less big projects in development, keeping Zenimax content exclusive might feel more necessary. In general it would also encourage more people to use MS platforms. But I think MS will play it safe and get the Playstation money as well while also using the benefits of owning the IPs.

Huh, I’m surprised at your caution. But in response the whole idea of exclusives has always been about leaving money on the table. Technically Sony or Nintendo locking their games to their platforms is leaving money on the table. 

Keeping future big hitters on PS5 won’t create the Game Pass numbers spike MS wants if PS gamers know they can simply “wait them out” if it’s say timed exclusive.

Guess we’ll see, I’m guessing Phil being vague for 2 reasons: The acquisition won’t be official till next year and therefore ply it safe till then. And all the vague statements makes for so much Xbox free press. All this free advertising we gamers are doing word of mouth is insane PR boost for Xbox that official marketing just can’t do.