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Captain_Yuri said:
Speaking off hard to swallow prices...



$2,530 USD

*normal reaction*

Also Big Navi rumour:

Navi 21 XT
255W TGP
~2.4 GHz (Game Clock)

The guy that decides the pricing at ASUS got a stroke and no one has noticed yet. First the stupidly expensive monitor and now this. It's beyond stupid.

The Navi 21 rumor is interesting, as is the rest of the article:

"What you should know however is that this data from Patrick is not based on AMD reference design. We have already been told that there are reference-based samples clocking up to 2.3 GHz, but there are also cards reaching 2.4 GHz. Those, however, are AIB models. A cut-down version (Navi 21 XL) should be clocked at around 2.2 GHz, our sources believe."

By that, we can infer that this is known info that most, if not all, the people in the industry are aware of, giving it some credibility. It also points at AIBs having cards ready or almost ready for launch day when we had some rumors saying otherwise.

"The big unknown is still the XTX variant. It all appears that Navi 21 XTX is AMD exclusive. It is possibly a higher clocked version with more CUs enabled, but AIbs have no further information at the moment."

While Navi 21XT is Big Navi, there seems to be an even bigger Navi. Personally, I don't think it will have more CUs, it will just be a binned Navi 21 XT with higher clocks like the RX 5700 XT 50th anniversary.

hinch said:

Damn, not sure what market ASUS is aiming for that one. A hardcore Gundam/gaming enthusiast?

In preparation of Cyberpunk and Shadowlands I bought my first NVMe.

Now just GPU and CPU to go :o

Congratulations! Now you won't be able to read the tips and advices on load times.

Please excuse my bad English.

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