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LurkerJ said:
sales2099 said:

Well it’s popular belief that every PS gamer has a cutting edge gaming PC. Therefore no biggie. 

When was the last time you needed a cutting edge gaming PC to be a PC gamer? Budget decent PCs and laptops are widely available, this is not the early 2000s anymore. Chances are, if you're in a market for a decent PC, which most people in the first world are, then you're in the market for gaming PC by extension. 

@JRPGfan, lol, this is MS, this is big tech. They operate on an entirely different scale than minions like SONY or Nintendo.

No one at at MS gives two shits if they ever recoup those 7.5 billions. Growth is the name of the game, for investors and MS alike; faster growth creates more value for most companies than slightly improved profits. The amount of cringy posts about MS "needing" to sell their games on Playstation to make the money back is outstanding. 

I am sure someone at Amazon/Google got fired for not thinking of buying Bethesda before MS did. This is not about slightly increasing the next few quarters profits, this is about securing the future platform of gaming, the platform that SONY recognized earlier than anyone else and then acknowledged by buying Gaikai and OnLive... before going to sleep and dreaming of VR as the future of gaming? the actual fuck. 

So you validate the stereotype that PS fans can always go to their PC to play Xbox games. But my point was just poking fun at the many people who still want Bethesda games to go to PS5. This shouldn’t be a issue right? Point being PC gaming isn’t universally adopted. 

Edit: Many laptops and PCs you buy at a store probably won’t be built to run many modern PC games at decent settings. At least $1000 or less will not guarantee anything.

Last edited by sales2099 - on 17 October 2020

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