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smroadkill15 said:
Hynad said:

Probably on youtube. Otherwise, I can’t say I’ve encountered much people whining about it.

Personally doesn’t affect me. I’ll play it on the XBox Series X, when its comes out a few years from now.

I've seen it all over the place.  Youtube, Twitter, N4g, resetera, facebook, here, etc. Yes, there's not as much whining like it was 3 weeks ago, but anytime I see it brought up, there is always a person(s) whining/denying. After this article came out yesterday, I saw another increase of this behavior. 

Granted, most have come to realization of this outcome and more will as time goes on. 

PS fans get many [console] exclusives or timed exclusives from the likes of Square Enix (like FFVIIR, FFXIV and FFXVI) and other (mostly Japanese) third parties, so while it doesn’t exactly even things out, it at least balances part of the frustration felt on the other side. xD