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sales2099 said:
Hynad said:

Probably on youtube. Otherwise, I can’t say I’ve encountered much people whining about it.

Personally doesn’t affect me. I’ll play it on the XBox Series X, when its comes out a few years from now.

You have to know what to look for. Proud PS fans aren’t gonna “cry” openly on social media. We may be anonymous but people won’t openly show their salty feelings when people can easily screen cap and save their tweets for later use. 

First couple days when it was all fresh you had people loose their inhibitions on Twitter. Many of the usual haters were silent, which spoke volumes.

Saying “MS is monopolizing the industry” or the more predominant “MS needs PS to make back the money” essentially means I don’t like that I’m forced to buy a Xbox as someone who loves Bethesda games. Expressing false concern is the modern way of expressing disappointment while keeping your emotions in tact. 

I didn’t really like the move at first either. Although I never felt as strongly about the move as those you mentioned. But I was always going to get the XSX so I softened quickly to the new state of the studios transition to the MS family.

That being said, MS hasn’t done much for my taste with their acquisitions, during the current gen. I haven’t played Rare’s games for example, because frankly, they haven’t appealed to me in over a decade. So I was worried at first, keeping this in mind, and then thinking the same kind of fate would apply to Bethesda. But as far as I know, it will be the same key people that have been at the helm of these studios prior to the acquisition that will continue producing those games under the MS umbrella. 

So, again, I am now not bothered by the acquisition. I was already getting a XSX anyway, and those added exclusives are even more good reasons for it.