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Cyran said:
Captain_Yuri said:

2150 USD including Taxes and Shipping. The MSRP was $1900 USD on Newegg cause they keep on increasing it every time they put one in stock. Asus has an official MSRP $1800 USD I think.

I hope my pre-order come through in a reasonable time then because I don't think am willing to go to 2150usd.  My all in price on my pre-order was $1863.49 (not actually paid anything yet they only charge when it ships)  hopefully that come through.  It not so much the money but it just really bothers me paying over MSRP on principle and by MSRP I mean the OEM not the retailer.

Yea I wasn't really looking at the price as I was doing the newegg trick loll. Newegg is technically $100 above MSRP so it's not the worst but because Asus has $300 above a FE 3090, it makes it look a lot worse. But it is also why I am still looking for a 3080 as that price is a lot more justified. I can afford it for sure and buying a "Halo" gpu is part of my bucket list but yea, this one is a bit oof.


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