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Bofferbrauer2 said:
GProgrammer said:

A lot of these Nintendo games are from years ago, and they are still make up the top 10 above more recent 3rd party games and like you say these Nintendo games are only Physical sales, yet still they are outselling 3rd party which are physical and digital. I think you have just proven my point

Only because you didn't answer the question: What was released lately that was worth showing up in the charts? You really need to go a couple months back to find something, and considering games from third party publishers are in 99% of the cases very frontloaded, they don't have a chance to show up anymore by this point in time.

Also, again, you're talking about the US sales on the japanese preorder chart, where you can see several third party titles charting in front of Nintendo's own titles or any PS4 titles, disproving your point already right there.

You want a third to sell likewise Nintendo, besides Minecraft and Rockstar, what else company has so strong single SKU on market? Pokemon level? Mario 2D level? Zelda BotW level? Animal Crossing Level? Mario Kart level?

And take the tier level below that, you have one or two games by Sony, EA with Fifa, COD, Skyrim and, maybe, Monster Hunter World. Fifa is a legacy game on Switch, CoD never launch on the system( besides sells more than one million on Wii and DS).