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vonny said:
Big question will gamepass work, they're clearly not making money on it atm and have put close to 10 billion adding ip content, trying to emulate the netflix model which I just don't believe will work with video games.

It still remains to be seen whether it will work with Netflix. They started making money but are now in debt investing in original content to keep their subscribers while the market fragments. Netflix had 12.4 billion debt at the end of 2019 with a net income of 1.86 billion. Their shares are falling with the loss of subscribers.

At some point we'll probably see advertising on streaming services, which you can't ffwd or skip. Pausing the match for the next 15 second commercial. But maybe you can get a premium subscription without commercials. Not sure how that would work when the game is on hold for the other plebs to watch the commercial. Same as my cable provider, you can stream for free with commercials (and locked vcr controls), or pay extra to stream without.