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Chazore said:
Captain_Yuri said:

Looks like Age of Empires 3 can't get locked to 4k 60fps on a 3090. New Crysis confirmed?

Nah it's a bug that causes the GPU to be under utilized

Also I'd wait before getting AoE 3 if you have an AMD GPU. Noticeably Lower performance and a horrible V-sync bug.

pls say sike

Loll if only. It's weird cause if you target 60 hz, it ends up being 50fps. If you target 1440p 120hz, it's like 110. Doesn't matter how powerful your GPU is. Someone dun goofed.

If you have AMD, the performance can be 20% slower than the Nvidia GPU in the same class. If you have V-Sync on with AMD, you get royally fucked with sometimes going all the way down to 30fps with horrible stutters compared to Nvidia's 50-55 FPS.


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