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I think we can deduce that the biggest week would have been the Mario All Stars launch.  1,165,000 physical sales means only 42% digital share gets it to 2M, and I'd wager its higher than that (Nintendo's been claiming >50% across the board this year and we know JP trends lower than that so outside JP must be higher).  If >2M is true, then that's a mega opener for an exclusive, in the vicinity or greater than TLOU2 - definitely a big time HW mover.

I'd guess September started hot, tapered off weeks 2 & 3, then picked back up again in 4/5.

Aug 1 120K

Aug 2 120K

Aug 3 125K

Aug 4 140K

Sep 1 140K

Sep 2 110K

Sep 3 110K

Sep 4 180K

Sep 5 130K

Not exactly that, but along that trend.  

Oct doesn't have any heavy hitters (although who knows with MK Live - could be a "Wii"-esque draw), so weekly avg should run at 110-130K, target range of 450-525K for the whole month.