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Yea I doubt MS spent $7.5 Billion on Bethesda so they can continue to port games on their competitor's platform. Hell Bethesda was going to port most of their games to both platforms anyway and it would be much cheaper for MS to sign exclusivity deals than to buy the entire company. Obsidian has given us a taste when MS wants to do with their development studios imo where you had Outer Worlds being released on multi-platform as it was finishing up but Grounded and Avowed going to be MS exclusive.

7.5 Billion is a lot and they obviously will need to recoup that at some point but Microsoft's goal isn't about making profits from their Xbox division right now. If it was, they wouldn't be putting all their newly released games + 100s others on gamepass that can be had for $1 or Put the Series X, Gamepass Ultimate, Xcloud and EA Play as part of a juicy Xbox All Access deal. Imo their goal is to become that Netflix of gaming and Netflix lost a lot of money until it eventually became so big that it's causing the traditional Cable Companies to bleed. Whether or not MS is successful remains to be seen.


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