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MS will offer multiple ways to play Bethesda games. XBox series consoles, PC, XCloud, and all supported with the value of gamepass. They do not need to put their games on PS5 to make this acquisition well worth their time, and you are lying to yourself if you think they do. Remember they are not just looking to sell consoles, they are building up their brand to the next level as we move into a more digital focused time. Leaving it off the PS5 will help bring people to that brand one way or another, and that is their goal. The people who would opt to not play the games if they really wanted to anyway will be a vocal minority that would rather be bitter about it not coming to their plastic box of choice. There are more than enough ways to play these games without the PS5 being a factor.

I mean, Sony could always allow XCloud on the PS5. But that still expands the XBox brand and Sony will never allow it anyway. MS owns Bethesda, they can do whatever they want with the games. Some people need to learn to accept that.

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