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Runa216 said:
sales2099 said:

Having more shovelware from being the market leader in 1 gen doesn’t make you the BC king if you only have one gen to show for it. 

But we agree that Sony isn’t worried about Game Pass, which is exactly how MS likes it. Sony doing the same thing gen after gen. Make a console, make exclusives, sell consoles. Which has more then worked out but the market is changing and expanding fast. Even Nintendo adapted and appeals to the handheld crowd in addition to home console crowd.

Streaming and subscription models are gonna be more and more prominent, and Sony will likely be fine, but stuck in the console only “walled garden”. Where as Game Pass will have cornered the PC and mobile markets in their complacency.

Shovelware? Dude, I checked. PS4 has 99 exclusives compared to Xbox One's 24. a 4:1 ratio. And none of those are shovelware. I only included titles that have 75 or higher on metacritic, and have at least 20 reviews to show this. You can't just claim 'shovelware' because you don't like to admit that PS4's library is provably better than Xbox's. 

Also, people have been saying Streaming is going to take over since 2012 when Sony bought Gaikai. it's been tinkering around the edges of the industry for nearly a decade now and it's still not the driving force in gaming that it is in TV/Movies, likely because of the interactive nature of the medium. You can't just repeat the same 'it's gonna be big' all the time and hope it's true. The way things went this entire generation tells a different tale. GamePass and Streaming and Subscription models are nice additives to a console's game library, but they're not a key driving force. If it was...

then the Xbox...

Would have Sold...

a whole lot more...

Than it did...

Hell, they can't even launch a console with a Halo game anymore. I just don't think they're doing anything to scare Sony. As I said, Playstation has Now which is comparable in functionality but not as popular because it's got lower quality games and isn't marketed as well, their backwards compatibility is more robust, their exclusives are hilariously outclassing Xbox's exclusives in terms of reviews and sales, and Microsoft has all these neat ideas that just aren't working out. Sony at their worst outsold Microsoft at their best. I am quite confident Gamepass is not a threat to Sony. It hasn't been in the past, and unless Microsoft really amps up the production of first party exclusives, it will always just be that thing on Xbox that all Xbox users have but PS users don't need. 

Your comment has a lot to unpack so I’ll just focus on the bold. The generation trends were decided as early as late 2014. A perfect storm of Xbox PR blunders, underpowered and overpriced console. Compared to Sony who was on top of their game in console, games, and especially marketing.

Now, with Game Pass introduces in 2018 and only really taking off late you honestly expect everyone to drop their PS and just pick up a Xbox? Completely reverse sales trends and just pull ahead? know better. The gen was decided long ago and everything Xbox doing won’t help Xbox One because it’s fate was decided long ago. 

Next gen though is another story. GP is at its peak and a new gen wipes the slate clean. There’s actually several factors that go into how much a console sells. 

Xbox: Best hardware, Game Pass best value, best BC, more 1st party genres and multiplayer titles.