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mZuzek said:
The_Liquid_Laser said:

Mario Odyssey will have maximum sales of 16m.

What a failure.

Seriously though, this has to go down as one of the greatest VGC predictions. Going back through the first few pages, not even a single person believed you were right, most ridiculed you. Myself included. Crow well served, dude.

On another note, love this guy saying Zelda games were selling poorly because of Aonuma's misdirection, and BotW sold well because they made Fujibayashi director. Except, you know, Fujibayashi also directed Skyward Sword.


I did really undershoot that Mario Odyssey prediction though.  Something I have noticed since I made this thread is that Switch has a "rising tide will lift all boats" effect.  Even on a game where fans complain, like Pokemon Sword/Shield, it still ends up being one of the better selling entries.  Then if you get a game that fans really like, such as Mario Odyssey or Fire Emblem, then it can end up being the best selling entry of the series.  And if you get a game good enough that people call it "best of the series" like Zelda or Smash Bros or Animal Crossing, then sales really rocket up beyond what people can even imagine.