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GamePass is optional, you don't have to pay a monthly fee to play the games lol.

Also LOL @ the idea that Microsoft is going after the same crowd as Sony. Doesn't really look like it to me. MS is just going after gamers in general. The closest thing they have to a Sony style game is maybe Hellblade II, that's it. The rest, nah. Sony doesn't have a Halo, doesn't have Forza Horizon, doesn't have Wasteland, doesn't have Fable, doesn't have a Gears, doesn't have a Doom, doesn't have a Fallout, doesn't have an Outer Worlds, doesn't have an Elder Scrolls, etc etc. And on the flip side you could list games Sony has that MS does not have an alternative to, just proves how wrong your point is. Bottom line is they can offer meaty single player experiences AND do it in ways Sony doesn't. They've been doing it all gen.

"they're just hoping to throw money at the problem and strong-arm their way into people's homes by buying companies that has yet to pay off. "

This is the weirdest part of that reply. Number one, you do realize this is exactly what Sony has done? Who are some of their biggest developers?

Naughty Dog? Bought.
Insomniac? Bought.
GG? Bought.
MM? Bought.
Sucker Punch? Bought.

Yet, when MS does this, they are just forcing their way into homes by buying companies? Cute.

Also how long did it take for these companies to start putting out the quality titles you're referencing? It took awhile. You say in the case of MS it "hasn't paid off yet", it's been two years since they bought most of these studios and like two weeks since the Bethesda announcement, that purchase isn't even real yet. Calm your titties please.