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SvennoJ said:
d21lewis said:

Well, damn. Come here, buddy.

*hugs Svennoj*

Haha thanks.

Not all streaming is bad, FS 2020 makes very good use of streaming data. I do wonder whether game pass had a positive or negative effect on FS2020. The game had a rather rocky launch with still many problems, not the least switching from game pass to the Steam edition. I bought the game up front and I'm sticking with it. However how many people tried it on game pass, ran into some problems and simply moved on.

Did MS pressure Asobo to release early to have something out and get them started on the XBox version, or did they run out of money. It's clearly still in the beta test phase, very playable already (depending on how you play and which plane you use), yet with countless issues, many which should never have made it to release.

I hope the too early release doesn't hurt it in the long run. The sim fans will stick with it regardless, yet without money from more casual players, what's going to keep providing the cash to finish the game? I guess all the overpriced DLC :/

Eh whatever, yesterday I found the perfect spot for the black gate of Mordor, next to Amguid, Algeria

I wouldn’t worry, it sold a million on Steam. Should sell more during the holiday period. And many Xbox gamers like myself just chomping at the bit to play this on Series X 

Xbox: Best hardware, Game Pass best value, best BC, more 1st party genres and multiplayer titles.