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Did a podcast with Grant! He is such a nice a guy.


00:00 - Intro About Technical Issues

01:05 - Crazy Times/American Elections

01:32 - Green Card/How Long Grant Has Been In America

02:17 - Indie Films Grant Has Been Working

03:10 - Agents/Struggles Of Breaking Into The Film Industry

04:55 - Game Composers Looked Down Upon Compared To Film Composers

05:33 - Only Way To Get Film Composing Roles Is Through The Director/Fierce Competition For Film Composers

07:00 - Younger Directors Have Played Video Games So More Of A Chance Of Them Knowing Grant

08:26 - Films Not Having Memorable Tunes These Days/Games Now Having Music Cinematic Sequences

10:24 - Grant’s Process Of Composing

11:52 - Grant’s Work On Goldeneye 007/How He Composed For Goldeneye 007

14:41 - Grant Only Got Small Notes About Levels He Was Composing For

15:10 - Grant Got A Few Visuals For Banjo, Donkey Kong & Perfect Dark/Approach To Composing For Them

17:07 - Spiral Mountain/ Treasure Trove Cove/Mumbo’s Mountain

18:50 - Grant Didn’t Get Told Much To Rewrite Tunes At Rare

20:22 - Working With Nintendo For Smash Bros Banjo Arrangement/Banjo Kazooie Smash Bros Trailer

23:50 - Grant Is The First Western Composer To Work On Mario & Smash Bros

24:35 - Grant Has Better Communication With Nintendo Now

24:43 - Reece Thinks Grant Could Compose For Metroid Based On Perfect Dark OST

25:22 - To Be Employable You Have To Diversify As A Musician

26:09 - Working For A Company Vs Freelancing/Living In L.A.

28:05 - Grant Is Good With Money

28:55 - Grant Works Well Under Pressure/Grant Doesn’t Get Writers Block

31:05 - Grant Doesn’t Toss Away Work/Learning To Do What Your Told By Your Boss On Rewriting Tunes

33:30 - Employment Laws In UK Vs America

34:25 - Grants Friends Losing Jobs For Arguing With A Creative Director/Creative People Are Sensitive

35:45 - Genres Grant Is Not Good At Composing/How He Researches New Genres

37:10 - Instruments Grant Can Play/Working With Midi & Live Orchestras

40:05 - Donkey Kong 64 Rap

44:17 - Competitiveness With David Wise, Graeme Norgate & Robin Beanland

46:05 - Grant Did Guitar On Killer Instinct

46:50 - Working With Hex

48:39 - David Wise’s Score For DKC2 Is Amazing

49:15 - Seamless Composing Between Grant & Graeme On Goldeneye

50:06 - Working With An Artist In The Same Room

50:44 - Grant Doesn’t Really Play Games Anymore/Composers Grant Listens To/

53:01 - Grant Would Love To Work On Zelda

53:44 - Grant Really Wants To Compose For The Super Mario Movie

57:10 - John Williams

57:56 - Grant Gets Stopped More & More On The Street

59:10 - Where To Follow Grant Kirkhope