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shikamaru317 said:
DonFerrari said:

Stress testing with a BC title, on a cold room and open ventilation seems more like someone trying to favour his point than anything else. You should stress test on a small cabinet, 35C on a next gen title for several hours to have at least a chance of seeing something that can certainly occur in the world. And most certainly MS done it and found the console satisfactory, but this windows central test is a joke.

It's a fair test I'd say. Most people are going to have open ventilation for their Series X simply because they don't have an entertainment center shelf tall enough to fit the 6" tall (in horizontal mode) Series X with adequate space above for ventilation. I know mine is going on a top shelf in vertical mode, just like my Xbox One and PS4 Pro are on my top shelves (Series X is taking the shelf my Xbox One is on, as I'm giving it to my sister), I never put consoles on closed shelves, so I'm happy to know that the system will run cool in the winter months with a cooler room temp on my open top shelf. As for the choice of game, Monster Hunter World was one of the most demanding games they had access to when they ran the test, they did the testing when MS had only opened up a set of back compat titles for preview testers, and out of the BC games, Monster Hunter World is the most demanding, because it has dynamic resolution and unlocked framerate which allows Series X to push itself a fair amount.

The other youtuber stress tested it, tested the console in a cardboard box to simulate a closed shelf, with higher room temps, even covered up the top vent with a game case and still couldn't get the console to overheat. I'm plenty happy with Series X's cooling solution. 

Fair how? You say most people without even an ounce of evidence, not to even forget that you can use Series X on its side.

The fact that you use it on a specific way doesn't mean most do. And if you don't have a demanding enough game then you better not try to say you really tested it. And the lack of games that could do it with a month to launch isn't problematic? Even more when you put that MS have the second place on most games available at launch?

And on the second paragraph I said enough times in the thread that there is zero reason to suspect overheating issues with Series.

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