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Play Station has been a successful brand for many years now, even decades. Some may even say it's a bigger gaming household than Nintendo. This success is obviously reflected in the terrific PS4 sales. The PS4 is the clear winner of the 8th generation against its original competitors XBONE and Wii U. (Let's count out the Switch for this post, because it's now clear that it belongs to the 9th gen)

Even with this success there's a crushing defeat in Sony's pocket that they don't want to talk about, and that's the way they were kicked out of the handheld market. The PSVita performed so badly that Sony decided to simply stop trying. The Original PSP was a really succesful machine selling more than 80 million I think. Yes it was overshadowed by the DS, but it still sold pretty well. The PSVita didn't even get close. In other words the PSVita is to the PSP what the Wii U was to the Wii.

So in your opinion, and referring to Sony's performance in the 8th gen, what is more relevant the crushing victory of the PS4 or their exile from the handheld market?