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ClassicGamingWizzz said:
yvanjean said:

Wow, remind me to never listen to anything you have to say again. It's one thing to make clearly uninformed comment on XSX, but now your bashing Digital Foundry. If you actually follow their content they been one of the biggest critics of XSS and have been very harsh on Microsoft for XSX games supporting older consoles. It baffles me that you can even question their integrity. 

I'll keep listening to Digital Foundry and will try to ignore garage comments from now on.  

Calm your titties , he his joke baiting.

Just look at the stupid title "Seem to be False".

There simply isn't a heat issue and the entire thing started from biased media, YouTubers, and fake news. 

Having a heating issue is a real concern for both these consoles and these morons just want to keep the fake news going to bash the new system they don't support. 

it's not Joke baiting but just trying to spread more fake news.

Tommy Jean, CPA, CGA