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KratosLives said:
ironmanDX said:

He presents his reasoning as older games and multiplats not being good enough and the game that is happens to be a remaster of a game on another older platform.

I wouldn't bother responding.

Name me one exlusive that should make everyone rush out and buy a series x on launch.  Buying a console for the sake of having it cause it's future proof is the funniest thing I heard. 

There isn't one. I just want one, I've ordered one because I want one. Hell, I've ordered 2 so I can sell the second one for a Christmas fund. 

Getting the best experience on my TV while smashing through my back log in 4k is just an awesome topping on top. 

Both launches are mediocre. Thank god for 3rd party titles and I'm getting the best console for the job.