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chakkra said:
KratosLives said:

People can be excited for what they want, but it doesn't change the fact that it could have been launched with better games. You can either put up with it or make your voice heard so things change for the better. Halo was always an xbox one game, having it launch as a series x game wouldn't make much difference. We should be getting great games built for next gen, for launch, or atleast a taste of what't to come, and higher resolution and fps to older games or multiplats isn't good enough, this is how it should be for all next gen releases.  As for ps5, it's got its exclusives on launch, but demon's souls is what saves it, as everything else looks like a ps4 game. Lbp3 looks next gen, but I don't know if it's a fully fledged game or something low budget. 

And I guess you're the one who decides what are the "better games" and what should or should not be "good enough." You keep saying that "demon's souls is what saves the PS5," but again, that's what saves it FOR YOU. I'm sure many people will buy the PS5 and won't even look at DS; heck, I'm willing to bet that Demon Souls won't be the best selling game on PS5.

He presents his reasoning as older games and multiplats not being good enough and the game that is happens to be a remaster of a game on another older platform.

I wouldn't bother responding.