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DUDE, For the last time, THEY'RE NOT RIPPING OFF. Harmonix didn't even really "Make" Guitar Hero.

Yes they are ripping off Rock Band. Harmonix repackaging and selling an already established Japanese game with a third party peripheral  maker (Red Octane) as their publisher for the orginal Guitar Hero doesn't change much other than it's possibly tradition amongst the sub-genre to keep one-upping each other with knock-offs.

I honestly don't care though. Whoever delivers the better Band game in the end wins my money. And if GH IV is the better game like you suggest (and I'm leaning that way myself) then so be it. I'm really not all that concerned about who did it first when it comes to entertainment, just who does it best.


 No they are not. They are ripping off Konami's drum game (I forget the name but its been out a long time) and Singstar just like Rock Band is.


You mean DrumMania?

And I'm fairly certain Karaoke Revolution came before SingStar, also made by Konami.

I say rip off in a fairly casual sense and don't mean it as a insult. But to my knowledge Konami never made an entire Band Game (If they or anyone else did, my apologies) where all the before mentioned different rhythm games where combined into one multiplayer game with well designed team work dynamics that encompass four people in three different yet connected forms of gameplay. That, not playing with drums or a mic, was a new twist on an old trick to my knowledge. One Activison is stealing for the next Guitar Hero. And I don't mean stealing in some "they're evil criminals sense" just that their taking the idea for their own franchise.

And again, I don't care they're pinching it, nor do I care about Harmonix basically reusing ever Konami rhythm game ever made except the dance ones. The competition is clearly driving Activision to step up their game, and hopefully the same will apply to Harmonix. If not I'll probably get World Tour. Very interested in that touch bar thing they're doing with the Guitars. Seems like a very interesting new twist. =)