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LudicrousSpeed said:

And did someone really say earlier that they didn't think there was any value to the service, and thus never looked into it? Isn't that backwards? Shouldn't you look into it, and then decide whether it has value or not? If I am trying a new beer, I taste it and then decide if it is any good. I don't see the name of it, decide it's bad and then move on lol.

Not me saying that, but  game pass don't have any value for me, i play on playstation + nintendo + PC, my favorite game is strategy & RPG, my favorite series is Crusader kings 2&3,  I looked into the passe after the bethesda buyout, what i seen, its even Ck3 or eu4 is in pass you still have to buy DLC, and the pass not guarantee the game will not get out of pass one days, so i will end with useless DLC... and you cannot mod at all.. really the game pass is useless for player like me, not even need to try that.

But i can see many players where the gamepass is a killer app ! and i even think at the gen after ps5 & xbox series, sony will be forced into a service too or losing big !

Anyway big high 5 for microsoft lately even i don't like them, they play their card very good (but the digital console) and its very good for competition and the players !