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You can already see GamePass having a positive effect on Sony for Playstation gamers. PSNow not only now offers the ability to download PS4 titles, but they also put more of an emphasis on recent first party titles. Clearly they have a long way to go before reaching what GamePass offers, first party titles day one, but it's a step in the right direction. GamePass also gets a ton of smaller scale titles day one as well that many people don't even notice because they're too focused on AAA games. You can also see GamePass inspiration in whatever that PS+ collection of games for PS5 is called. It's blatantly inspired by GamePass.

I don't see GamePass as a means to get Sony to be the "next Sega" or get them out of the industry. I think eventually you'll see Sony offering the exact same type of service. Complete with day one launches of their first party titles. This will be great for indie devs because they can sell their games to launch on either service to the highest bidder. We just gotta hope Sony follows MS lead and doesn't lock anything to the service. One thing people conveniently forget when they're trying to tell us that every game MS makes now will be small GaaS type shovelware to feed GamePass lists, is that all of this stuff is available the same day to buy outside of the service.

And did someone really say earlier that they didn't think there was any value to the service, and thus never looked into it? Isn't that backwards? Shouldn't you look into it, and then decide whether it has value or not? If I am trying a new beer, I taste it and then decide if it is any good. I don't see the name of it, decide it's bad and then move on lol.