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Ashadelo said:
On a side note, has Sony ever said why they abandon IP's? Cause some of their Ip's had pretty big followings back during the PS1/PS2 era, but now..... No one even talks about those games.

I feel like Sony's overall philosophy is really to give developers control over what they make, more so than Nintendo or Microsoft. 

For instance, when Naughty Dog moved on from Crash Bandicoot to Jak, and Insomniac moved on from Spyro, they just sold the franchises. Same thing seems to be the case for Jak, Infamous, and so on. Franchises that seem to last the longest are ones where the original studio is still involved like God of War or Ratchet and Clank. 

Sony is more likely to keep the dev and be done with the IP, whereas Microsoft's philosophy seems to be to keep the IP and give it to a new developer, as they did with with Halo and Gears. When they need new IPs, their strategy of late seems to be to buy developers.

Nintendo's strategy falls somewhere between the two. They will generally have developers move on to different things, but also keep the franchise going with new teams. Like what they did with Luigi's Mansion 2, Punch Out!!!, DKC, and so on.

The strategies have their pros and cons.