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Gnizmo said:
L.C.E.C. said:
bardicverse said:
Thats fine by me. I decided from the start that since MTV is involved with Rock Band, that I would never ever buy it. MTV wants a game based on the rock genre, but refuse to play any MUSIC VIDEOS that are from the rock genre. All they show are hip hop and pop videos. Screw MTV for crapping on rock music and then trying to milk it via videogames.

Sorry, MTV is one of my top hated companies, right after the guys making the atom smasher in france.


That's probably because the people running BET bought-out MTV. (And half the time they don't even PLAY Music Videos, It's just Reality-TV)

That's why VH1 >>> MTV, IMO.

 You do know who owns VH1 right? I wouldn't have the heart to tell you if you didn't.

I know know that technically Viacom owns VH1, and they are "sister" stations, but they are still managed differently, and as far as I'm concerned, it's just better. Unforunately... they are starting to go more south though with the Rap/Hip-hop and the Reality TV shows...


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