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GoOnKid said:
Vodacixi said:
The World Ends With You and ZombiU. Saddest thing is that with the death of the Wii U and its gamepad now it's impossible to do a satisfactory sequel to ZombiU.

How far can you go without getting bitten? I was doing another run just for fun lately and managed to get through the supermarket, but then they raided the hive and I dieded.

EDIT: To the OP:

Breath of the Wi... oh wait.

Sin & Punish... dangit.

Chrono Tri...

Jet Force Gemini!

It's been a while since my last playthrough... But I think I fucked it up around the gates of Buckingham Palace, just before the machine gun section xD

... Damn, I really need to play ZombiU again. Such an experience...

EDIT: Oh, that part where you died is hard. I just remembered. There was one of those zombies that keeps calling more zombies, right? I think I just ran for my life right to the underground. No looking back xD