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Mr Puggsly said:
Pemalite said:

Seagate propriety tax.

Or they might be using 2-bit cells on the NAND for durability reasons rather than 3-bit or 4-bit.

Once other manufacturers jump onboard the price should come down, but it's never going to be as cheap as PC SSD's due to the propriety form factor.

The SSD port on the Series S/X is proprietary, but it would make things easier if we simply get external enclosures that connect to that port.

I mean they make enclosures to use NVMe on different USB ports. So I maybe an enclosure that simply connects to that SSD port would do the job as well. That would be the most consumer friendly option at this point.

That is entirely possible.
From what I can tell it is just a port that connects via PCI-E directly using the nVME protocols, so it's not like anyone would be reinventing the wheel.

drkohler said:
Pemalite said:

So yes the Samsung 980 Pro is faster than the Playstation 5 SSD, the PC has compression technology as well, it's just not baked into hardware.

I'm still curious to know what would happen if I inserted a "cheap" 3-4GB/s ssd into the PS5. Would it be refused or would I simply wait 2.56s instead of 1.45s loading a game?

Likely won't run until you place that game on a drive that meets or exceeds Sony's bandwidth tests.

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