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Captain_Yuri said:
I still don't get why it costs so much to begin with. Like the SSD speeds are less than 970 Evos and last gen WD Blacks. If they were like, well 1 TB costs $80 less than a new 1TB Samsung 980 Evo that's needed on the PS5, then that would be a pricing advantage that they can market.

Research & developement.
The slot design with hot plug and play (pull in and out) and the size, determins the shape you need to design the pcb, and place the memory in ect.
Not to mention heat issues with such a small compact size.

Its basically a new SSD line (like they do for pc), for ever developer that chooses to make one of these Xbox series X ssd's.
Thats the downside to proprietary memory/storage solutions, costs go up. Mass scale is what drives prices down, and that isnt happening with something thats propriatary and not likely to sell more than 30-40m or so units (of SSDs) (not every xbox user will buy one of these SSDs for their console).